Pre-Appraisal Preparation Checklist

In order to expedite your upcoming appraisal, please consider the following suggestions, it will save my time and your money:

Definitely decide on which clocks you want to have appraised, Ensure that items located in the attic, basement, closets and out-buildings are open for view.

Unpack any clocks that are in storage trunks or boxes.

There should be adequate lighting.

Gather together any receipts, sales slips or earlier appraisals, if any.

If this is an estate appraisal, please provide me with the decedent's date of death. If there is a will, please ensure that all items specifically bequeathed in the will are available for my inspection.

Having a stepladder handy will facilitate my inspection if there are items on high shelves.

If you don't have time or are unable to do all the above preparations prior to my arrival, don't worry—I'll manage.

The appraisal will be done room-by-room. We'll begin in one corner of each room and go around the room in a clockwise fashion. When one room is complete, we'll proceed to the next.


Andrew H. Dervan
Pointe Clock Appraisal, LLC


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  • Insurance
  • Estate
  • Tax
  • Divorce
  • Equitable Division
  • Sales Advisory
  • Donation
  • Appraisal reports comply with (USPAP):
    Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

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